How we get our great taste

Our Irish farmers know great potatoes. They are grown locally with tried and tested knowledge and expertise to deliver only the best.

Specially selected varieties of Irish potatoes are the best in the world. Our potato varieties are grown for taste not volume. We choose varieties which are measured by flavour and not by how much each plant produces

The JGM grower group has 1000’s of years’ experience. It’s not that they are ancient but rather a collection of experience through the generations of how potatoes should be grown

By only harvesting the potatoes when they are at their very peak of quality the fluffy golden taste is locked into the potatoes which allow us to deliver the creamy loveliness which we know that our loyal customers love.

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Setting the standard

Local Irish Farmers

Specially selected farmers who love to grow potatoes more than  anything else in the world

Choosing Our Potatoes

We only use the potatoes that Ireland loves. This way you know you are getting the best

Our Recipe

Our recipes are seasoned with hints of natural flavours. This way you can enjoy the real spud-tastic flavour of the Irish potatoes with a hint of your favourite flavour..

Quick & Tastes Great

We don’t have time for hangry (that state when hunger and anger make you dangerous) – that’s why our experts have picked recipes which blow your tastebuds and hanger in no time at all

Tasty And Good For You

Our Potato Flake

Our potato flake is made from Irish potatoes. Grown in the cool climates of Ireland and flaked so that it retains all the lovely delicious taste and goodness that the humble spud has to offer. Obviously we’d prefer you buy the delicious fresh potatoes straight from the farms – but if you are pushed for time and still want to have the fluffy white heaven that is Irish mash – then just great mash is the next best thing.

Gluten Free

We have carefully made sure that there are no other things added to our mash which might make the naturally gluten free spud a challenge for our Coeliac friends. So vegetarians, Coeliac’s  and food lovers rejoice – convenient, great tasting products at your fingertips and now a reality.

Perfect Everytime

We have made something that we feel is perfect every time. Our mash is light, creamy white with little bits of flavour from the herbs and ingredients that we add. We also know that taste is an individual thing so you might want to pimp your mash with a little butter, a pinch of salt or with some other weird flavour that you like. Just rest in the knowledge that however you like to use our mash – it is perfect every time – in less than 1 minute

instant mash

low in fat

made from irish potatoEs

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