The Clintons

The Clintons have been farming in Skerries North County Dublin since the early 1700’s and seven generations later are still farming.

We have been growing potatoes for over nearly 300 years, and we are pretty good at it. Our love for the Skerries soils and cutting edge crop rotation strategies mean that we’ll keep our fertile soils in pristine condition and nutrient rich for another 300 years.

The land around Skerries is very much an agriculturally advantaged area because of its climatic and geographic location and the north county Dublin area is often referred to as the Market Garden of Ireland.

Farming is a very tough job and has changed completely over the generations. Come rain, hail, and sleet or snow our family farm, Loughbarn Farm, will continue to grow and perfect our potatoes for many generations to come

The Clintons – North County Dublin

Gibbstown Farms, Clongill

Gibbstowns Farms are family owned and run farms. Started up in 1940 by Maurice Spillane. He originated from Cork and decide to travel to Co. Meath by horse and cart to the rich fertile land to start to grow Potatoes. He got married and had a family of 3 boys and 4 girls. The sons helped work the land and the farm expanded over the years. Meath is on the east coast of Ireland and has rich, bountiful clay soils Perfect for growing potatoes.

Which is now boasts being the biggest potato producing county in Ireland. Maurice passed away in 2012, but his sons, grandsons & great grandchildren continue to build on the legacy and tradition of Irish farming. Now we farm about 1000 acres between grain and potatoes – it’s a lot of work but we love it.

Gibbstown Farm – Clongill

The Maguires

The Maguire family have been farming the land in Balbriggan, north County Dublin, for more than 200 years. Four generations ago, Dinny Maguire started out with just 20 acres. He handed down the farm to his son Hugh. Today, Dinny’s grandson Denis and his great-grandson Hugh operate 350 acres of pristine Irish farm land.

Growing mainly potatoes, grain, cabbage and carrots, the Maguires skilfully rotate crops to keep the soil fertile and rich. The farm has undergone big changes over the past five years, with young farmer Hugh making sure the business keeps up with changing demands and current trends. When it comes to machinery though, the men won’t stray from their fleet of John Deere’s.

The Fynes

Since 1930’s the Fynes Family have farmed land in north county Dublin, growing potatoes and vegetables to supply the Dublin market. Now four generations on John Fynes and his son Liam set work the family farms together. The main focus is growing potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and grain which are carefully rotated to ensure that the lovely soils are rich and fertile.

Together they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that all produce is grown and harvested to be crisp, delicious and nutritious. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our business and to respect the land to make it sustainably for the next generation. It’s important to us to keep the family in farming.