Growing into new products

Our Irish farmers are experts in producing the finest quality potatoes for a wide range of markets and we have expanded their product range by creating our range of ‘Just Great Mash’ products. Our products are made from choosing potatoes that meet our high standards and expectations to deliver a range of mash products that are full of flavour.

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Growing Heritage

We have selected the very best Irish farmers to grow our tasty potatoes. All our farmers have a rich history of feeding the beautiful Irish people. Many older generations of farmers have handed their craft down to their sons and daughters collectively adding to a pool of skill, talent and passion which makes the Irish potato what it is – the very best in the world.

Choice Potatoes

All our growers select the best varieties of potatoes for the discerning Irish pallet. Ireland has a great history with the potato. Some of it very sad and with a huge historical impact. Some a great love affair of potato breeders finding new delicious varieties for us to grow and eat. We use mostly Kerr Pink and Rooster potato varieties.
Why – simply because they are the most delicious and make our mash super tasty.

Our Delicious Mash

Our mash is subtly infused with the ingredients that you will find in your kitchen. Dried kale, chives and garlic – just to name a few of them. These ingredients are carefully blended to give the wonderful subtle taste that makes our mash Just Great.